Société Homéopathique Internationale de soins de support en Oncologie
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Magnificent 6th Strasbourg Shisso Congress on June 28 and 29 at the Clinique Ste Barbe of the Groupe Hospitalier Saint Vincent. A very intense program with top-quality speakers who shared their knowledge and practices in a spirit of humanity, listening and kindness. Whether with palliative care specialists Dr Xavier Mattelaer and Dr Joëlle Pecqueur Breast cancer: oncologist Lionel Uwer and Drs Véronique Lavallée, François Roux, Jean-Claude Karp and Jean-Lionel Bagot Papillomavirus cancers with Dr Frédéric Rimaz. Gynecological surgery with Prof. Cherif Akladios and Dr. Isabelle Fischer Integrative oncology with surgeon Dr Bart Devos and Dr Dominique Ambros. But it was above all Joëlle Dubel's testimonial (available on

SHISSO's participation in the 11th CEDH international congress on June 7 and 8, 2024 Support for pelvic radiotherapy IF + JCK (PDF) Support for breast cancer treatment side effects JCK + VL (PDF) Chemotherapy news in breast cancer JLB (PDF) Accompanying ovarian cancer surgery Dr Fischer and Bagot (PDF) [gallery link="file" size="large" ids="10357,10360,10319"]