Shisso association

International Homeopathic Society of Supportive Care In Oncology.

The IHSSCO is a learned society which aims to facilitate and develop the practice, teaching, research and promotion of homeopathy within oncological supportive care.


To implement the following:

  • Train health professionals.
  • Develop good practice standards.
  • Promote research and evaluation practices.
  • Encourage and support the publication of scientific articles.
  • Organise and take part in scientific conferences.
  • Develop information events among health professionals.
  • Develop health promotion events.
  • Develop prevention and information events for the general public,And any other action aimed at strengthening the objectives of the association.



To create a good quality training tool.

  • Advise and implement vocational training courses, in homeopathy as in oncology.​
  • Make an inventory of existing courses and propose new training.
  • Pass on our experience and the particularity of our respective practices to new learners.​
  • Organise an annual scientific convention.



To share experience with peers

  • To get to know each other better for better communication between us.​
  • To unify our practices through the creation of homeopathic supportive care benchmarks in compliance with the principles of similarity, individualisation and infinitesimality.​
  • To be able to inform a cancer patient who seeks a homeopathic doctor in their area.



To promote research activity

  • Share clinical research projects to promote their multicentre character and enhance the impact of the results by being able to recruit a larger number of patients.​​
  • Share our experiences as authors of publications, choose good reviews and the right topics, try co-writing with several authors, promote editing and translations of articles into English.


To establish a communication pathway

  • Share articles and interviews already given in order to speak with one voice in the medical and general press, avoiding traps and pitfalls most often encountered.
  • Being attentive to conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry to retain freedom of thought and speech. Our scientific credibility demands transparency as regards our links with laboratories.​

The team

Composition of the board of directors

  • Jean-Lionel Bagot, President, homeopathic doctor (HD),
  • Jean-Claude Karp, Vice President (HD),
  • Jean-Philippe Wagner, Treasurer (radio oncologist),
  • Christiane Messerschmitt, Secretary (pharmacist),
  • Véronique Lavallée, Vice Secretary (HD),
  • Antoine Demonceaux (MH),
  • Delphine Leschi-Ansel (oncologue -radiothérapeute),
  • Hervé Blajman (pharmacien),
  • Ingrid Theunissen (gynaecologist), Assessor,
  • Isabelle Fischer-Levy, Assessor,
  • Jean-Hubert Gueguen(HD),
  • Joëlle Pecqueur(HD),
  • Laure Martini(HD),
  • Philippe Rocheblave(HD),
  • Robert Kempenich(HD),
  • Sandrine Vinchon-Petit (radio oncologist),
  • Chantal Macaux (pharmacist),