Official Opening of the Strasbourg Congress by Dr Jean-Lionel Bagot, president of  SHISSO

2019 News from the Learned Society: Dr Jean-Lionel Bagot presented the different activities of  SHISSO during the past year. In particular:
Congresses in which SHISSO took part, SHISSO involvement in the HAS evaluation process for homeopathy, MonHoméoMonChoix platform,
Integrative oncology centres , homeopathic clinics in oncology departments, training, international forums, research…

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Presentation: “Integrative Oncology”: definition, role and contribution of homeopathy
Dr Jean Lionel Bagot  and Dr Jean Claude Karp

Presentation of this year’s main topic for the Congress. Integrative health is at present really developing in the USA. In France, there is on the one hand conventional oncology and on the other hand complementary medicine including first and foremost homeopathy. When you link conventional medicine to complementary medicine you get what is called integrative oncology. “Choose the best of both worlds”. What is the place of homeopathy in  this new vision of individualised healthcare?

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Conference :”Using homeopathy in cancer patients’ therapeutic pathways”
Ibtissem BEN DRIDIAnthropologist(PhD EHESS)

An anthropologist’s view of  homeopathic use by cancer patients in France: a further look at the first two parts of a project carried out by doctors, anthropologists and sociologists

Debate: Organisation of SHISSO recommendations by category
Feedback from the “Recommendations” working group

Organising SHISSO recommendations: between proof levels and skills levels. How to guide those who prescribe towards the recommendations best suited to their practice?

Conclusion from the debate: It was decided not to use words like ” level” or “grade” and to use instead the following terminology which is easily transposed into English:
ESSENTIAL  for recommendations intended for prescribers with little or no experience in homeopathy or oncology
EXPERT for recommendations intended for prescribers expert in homeopathy
PROTOCOLISED for recommendations without an individualised approach which might possibly be used
INDIVIDUALISED for recommendations with an individualised approach based on a knowledge of the patient.

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Conference: “Immune therapy in oncology”: a new paradigm
Dr Jean Lionel Bagot and dr Jean-Philippe Wagner oncologist

Immune therapy in oncology: Who is it for, how does it work, results, costs
Which homeopathic medicines seem indicated for auto immune side effects?

Role and contribution of homeopathy: discussion, debate and recommendations
Conference concluded that given how new using homeopathy was in connection with immune therapy, it was too soon to be able to suggest prescription recommendations. A working group was set up to evaluate whether it was a good idea to suggest using Silica and Dysprosium  to prevent immune reactions.

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Conference: Progress in digestive oncological surgery: HIPEC and PIPAC
Pr Cécile Brigand,  PU-PH  General and digestive surgery

Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) and Pressurized intraperitoneal aerosol chemotherapy (PIPAC). A survey of techniques, indications and results

Role and contribution of homeopathy: discussion, debate and recommendations
The “surgery” working group: The objective of the group will be to put together suggestions of recommendations based on a study of the needs which Pr. Brigand indicated. Possible avenues of enquiry: inflammation, neutropenia, renal failure, fatigue.

As some images from Pr Brigand’s presentation might be distressing for sensitive people, the slide show is only available to health professionals who are members of SHISSO

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Conference: Cancer imaging,
Dr Benoit Sauer, radiologist

Dr Sauer drew our attention to the role of imagery in a holistic context and of the role of homeopathy in imaging. He explained the current problems in imagery, showed us techniques of the future and new diagnosis pathways. He encouraged a collaboration between practicians in order to achieve a quality approach to a personalised medicine.

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Conference: Interventional radiology in oncology
dr Julien Garnon, radiologist

Advances in radiology-led surgery. Latest imaging techniques and their applications in oncology: diagnostic, healing, checking up, palliative. A lively and humorous presentation from Dr Garnon

Role and contribution of homeopathy: discussion, debate and recommendations

New remit for the “radiology” working group: The objective of the group will be to put together suggestions of recommendations based on a study of the needs which Drs Sauer and Garnon indicated. Possible avenues of enquiry: managing stress responsible for problems due to histamine liberation, radiation exposure.

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Conference: oncological surgery in senology.
dr Jean Marc Piat,   senologist surgeon

Dr Piat introduced surgery techniques in senology. From yesteryear to today, from one technique to another, he took us through the advances in his discipline and looked at what furture patients might expect.

New remit for the “surgery” working group: The objective of the group will be to put together suggestions of recommendations based on a study of the needs which Dr Piat indicated. Possible avenues of enquiry: ledum palustre for lipofilling, treatment of oedema and lymphocele.

Due to confidentiality issues Dr Piat ‘s slide show is not available.

 Conference : ” Cardiology in oncology”
dr Jean Joseph  Muller, cardiologist

Dr Muller, a specialist in the cardiac follow up of cancer patients presented the toxicity, effects and mechanisms of different treatments : radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immune therapy…

How to prevent, detect and treat side effects. What kind of follow up ought to be carried out during and after treatments.

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Role and contribution of homeopathy: discussion, debate and recommendations

Conference did not wish to propose recommendations as it considered that because it was difficult to predict long term side effects, it was not possible to suggest a probable treatment suitable for all patients. An individualised homeopathic consultation is recommended within the context of  pluridisciplinary care.

 Presentation: ” Reading and writing an article”
dr Antoine Demonceaux

Antoine Demonceaux gave us keys to publish a clinical case. From the note taking during the consultation to the writing of the article, not forgetting the choice of reviews to approach. The aim is to significatively increase the number of case reports in homeopathy available in literature.

Conference was reminded that any member who wishes to write an article can be given technical and financial support from SHISSO

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Presentation:” Keeping up to date with what is published and Congresses”
Feedback from the working group

The presence of SHISSO in congresses: ” To be known, recognised and respected”

How to increase SHISSO’s presence in congresses: What are our objectives? Which congress to choose? Which presentation to offer, who to send as a delegate, which tools to use?

SHISSO readings: “tell me what you read…”

” I read an article which could interest one of my colleagues, how could I share it?
“I would like to publish: where do I find studies and articles for my bibliography?”
SHISSO internet site becomes an exchange platform: each member will be able to mention a congress or an interesting article. The commission “Keeping up to date with congresses and bibliography”, will validate the suggestions and publish them on the site. There will be a diary of events with monitoring of submissions and speakers recruitment .
SHISSO provides slide show models with our own graphics, a poster and slide show of recommendations, films and SHISSO presentation flyers. All this is available on your member page.

Conference validated:
The type of congresses: national and international, medicine-surgery, pharmacy, integrative medicine for homeopathy and oncology.
4 articles per month posted on the site.
The commission to be composed of at least 6 members.

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 Presentation: ” Building up an emergency kit for doctors and a basic stock for pharmacists”
Feedback from the working group

For Pharmacists: Given the SHISSO recommendations, the working group put together a proposed stock of homeopathic medicines for hospital and dispensing pharmacists. This basic assortment makes it possible for them to quickly supply common prescriptions which is a great help in the treatment of side effects. It gives a quality of service convenient for patients as it minimises the number of  trips they need to make. its low cost (about 150 euros) makes it affordable to all pharmacies.

For doctors: building up an emergency kit make sit possible to treat the patient immediately in their surgery. Targeted situations are  disclosure consultations and following surgery.

After discussion on the correct dilutions, conference validated the contents of the emergency kit. The validation of the pharmacy stock was given to the Pharmacists working group.

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download the list of Pharmacy stock

download the listdoctor’s emergency kit